Special solutions for the food industry

Overbeck is a high-tech forging company that develops and manufactures specialized solutions for the optimized operations within the food industry companies. 

We supply component parts and complete solutions in stainless steel and automation. Regardless of our tasks, we will solve it with the purpose of creating value for our customers.

With approx. 15 years of experience as a supplier for the food industry, we are specialized in developing and producing customized solutions that meet the individual's needs for optimization and the industry's requirements in terms of bacteriology and food handling.

We make demands on ourselves so that we can deliver the best solution

It sets great demands on the product to be delivered to companies engaged in the food industry. Therefore, we also set great demands on ourselves and always work on a number of imperative focus points in the solutions we develop:

  • Minimizing service and maintenance
  • Compliance with legal demands
  • Bacteriology and hygiene
  • Optimizing operation and logistics
  • Ease of use

The man behind the name

Owner and Director Kristian Overbeck Sørensen has trained as a stainless steel metal worker in 1999 and has been self-employed with Overbeck since 2004. In autumn 2006, he moved the company from Hjallerup to his hometown Aabybro, where Overbeck has approx. 2,000 square meters of administrative and factory area.

Herudover blev vores board i foråret 2019 udvidet med deltagelse af yderst kompetente rådgivere fra det tidligere Carnitech´s ledelse.