Highest price and quality

Starting with 2008, North Jutland Chr.  Juul Andersen A/S collaborated with Overbeck on the delivery of special inventory. According to the owner of the carpentry company, the reason for this is that they cannot get the same high quality elsewhere. 

"The reason we cooperate with Overbeck is clear and good and it's because they deliver the best work we can get in the highest quality and at the sharpest price we can get.”

This is what Tom Jakobsen, owner and director of carpentry and furniture manufacturer Chr. Juhl Andersen A/S (CJA) says since they have collaborated with Overbeck starting with 2008 on the manufacture of special inventory.

“For more than 40 years, CJA has provided special inventory for the private and business sector. The solutions proposed throughout the years have focused on the good craftsmanship – and on quality and immaculate finish. And that's why Overbeck is the perfect partner”, says Tom Jakobsen:

"Overbeck delivers goods of a quality we cannot find anywhere else.”

Strong team of skilled employees

When the North Jutland carpentry company receives a new task or request for the delivery of furniture involving steel or metal, they will definitely contact Overbeck already from the initial phase.

"Overbeck is actively involved in retail design, so we will definitely receive an optimal solution for the material and design. The concrete task solution is always discussed with the manager himself. This means that the path until decision or action is short”, says Tom Jakobsen and adds that:

"On the whole, Overbeck has a strong set-up of skilled employees for ensuring an optimal end result.“

Components of stainless steel and precious metals

CJA has collaborated with Overbeck over the eight years and have also collaborated in inventory solutions for a large number of Danish companies, including chain restaurants, hotels and educational institutions. Overbeck has provided tablecloths, table tops, fittings and various components in stainless steel and glassblown steel and precious metals for several projects. 

"Our current responsibility for the task is to supply kitchen fixtures to an educational institution. Overbeck is responsible for machining and cutting all steel plates. This is an extremely complicated supply of furniture in various metals and includes components of precious metals such as brass and copper, bronze and copper oxide”, explains Tom Jakobsen.

The task referred covers a major supply of special inventory to approx. 70 kitchens made of wood and nine different metals for the Niels Bohr Building in Copenhagen. 

"This task sets great demands on quality and finish, logistics and planning. And Overbeck can completely control all these aspects”, says Tom Jakobsen.

Overbeck delivers the following to Chr. Juul Andersen A/S:

Stands, table legs, counter-tops, fittings and other components in:

  • Stainless steel
  • Glass blasted steel
  • Precious metals