More than 10 years of partnership with Overbeck

The cooperation of Danish Crown Sæby with Overbeck has resulted in a completely unique pick-up conveyor that does not require lubrication and does not present a risk of oil drip on the products.

"I was visiting a chicken farmhouse whose conveyor was completely different. And then I thought that this could also be done here with us. So I've presented my idea to Kristian from Overbeck, and we've started to develop the solution we use today at the slaughterhouse.”

This is what the Chief Engineer Officer at Danish Crown in Sæby, Christian Frederiksen, says.

The solution implemented in 2017 is inspired by the chicken slaughtering industry and is of a different conveyor shape than the one traditionally used in pig slaughterhouses:

"The solution has no lubrication and the risk of oil dripping does not exist anymore. Its construction is very simple and very easy to maintain and service.”  

Flexible task solution

The pick-up conveyor is just one of the things used by Danish Crown's pig farm in Sæby for over 10 years to with Overbeck as a supplier. In addition to the project in the form of new development of a plant and machinery development, delivery of conventional conveyor systems and renovation of existing equipment, Overbeck also performs ongoing service at the slaughterhouse's facilities.

“They are here almost every weekend and they perform service, renovation and minor initiatives. They have a number of projects in progress here, and they solve problems related to our production”, says the chief engineer and elaborates:

"We have two-week shift every five weekdays, so it's perfect that Overbeck is here on weekends. And if it's urgent, they'll come tonight or early morning, when convenient for us to avoid a possible downtime.”

Uncompromising quality and fast execution

Christian Frederiksen is of the opinion that Overbeck is "a very good sparring partner" in trying to find the right solution when new needs or challenges occur in Sæby production.

"We have a good synergy with Overbeck. They know the factory, they know our standards and they are good at making suggestions.  And they are also strong when it comes to the assembly time and price without compromising on quality”, says Christian Frederiksen.

"There is nothing to complain about when it comes to the quality of their work, both in terms of service and other solutions they deliver to us.”

Overbeck delivers the following to the Danish Crown, Sæby:

  • New development of machinery and facilities
  • Traditional strapping facility
  • Service, repair and renovation of existing facilities