"Great know-how, optimized solutions and efficient service"

This is how the technical manager, Søren Jensen, describes the benefit that Lantmännen Schulstad's production in Pandrup has gained for seven years as a result of using Overbeck as a permanent supplier of component parts and service.

Overbeck has been working with Lantmännen Schulstad Bakery in Pandrup since 2012. Over the past seven years, Overbeck has delivered optimization solutions to the factory's existing plants in the form of custom-made components and service. The collaboration began when Overbeck produced several stainless steel cover plates for an oven, and the result and service was so satisfactory that the company has been a permanent supplier ever since.

"For a production like ours, it's a great value to have a business partner like Overbeck. Their skills are perfect for our needs such as fast service and repairs," says the Technical Manager at Lantmännen Schulstad in Pandrup, Søren Jensen.

They always find the best solution, not the most expensive one

For the production in Pandrup, namely one of the bakeries within the Schulstad family, the cooperation with Overbeck results in continuous optimization of the production within the facilities. Partly through the delivery of customized spare parts and components, partly through service and repairs at the factory's facilities.

"They have some talented people with enormous know-how, and they are incredibly good at bringing ideas and solutions up to our challenges. At the same time, they do not go after selling us the most expensive solution, but on the other hand, the best solution”, says Søren Jensen.

Overbeck has delivered to the bakery in Pandrup several customized conveyor belts, steel plates and waste bins. According to Søren Jensen, their quality is always "perfectly okay" and their delivery time is short.

"They know our industry and our business and therefore, they know what are our needs and what demands are made for our operations. This applies when we need spare parts and service. And their reaction time is always fast and this is a key reason for why Overbeck is our regular partner.”

Overbeck delivers the following to Lantmännen Schulstad in Pandrup:

  • Optimization of existing processing plants
  • Customized component parts/spare parts
  • Service and reparation