Assisted by Overbeck, Danish Crown in Holsted has made sure that the physical working environment of the production workers at the large cattle slaughterhouse has been optimised.

Danish Crown Beef in Holsted is one of the most state-of-the-art cattle slaughterhouses in Europe. The company slaughters about 4,500 cattle a week, which corresponds to about one half of all cattle slaughtered per day in Denmark. And with a production of more than 350 tons of minced beef a week – this amounts to 600,000 trays of the type sold in supermarkets – the Holsted-based slaughterhouse produces about 60 per cent of the entire amount of minced meat sold to the Danes on a weekly basis. 

Among other things, the cooperation with Overbeck has resulted in an improved physical working environment of Danish Crown’s production workers in Holsted. This could be achieved with Overbeck’s help with the establishment of manual workplaces which ensure that the production workers’ working positions are ergonomically optimised.

– Overbeck provides special mechanical solutions, mainly to our stainless-steel division. We use them for tasks which are quite complex and which require customised solutions, says technical manager at Danish Crown Holsted, Loui Johansen. 

Relieving the pressure on the workers

– If, for instance, we are facing challenges regarding the working environment, they help us design workplaces that meet the requirements for both working environment and capacity, he explains further.

Overbeck has provided the manual workplaces for a packing line in the retail production shop, where two workers are packing products into boxes. The workplaces were designed in a manner that ensures that the workers are standing in the correct height in relation to the conveyor belt, thus avoiding unhealthy working positions.

In addition to this, Overbeck has also developed and delivered a solution that transports the products to a robot, which packs them into boxes when a worker needs to be relieved.

– Thanks to Overbeck’s solution, products from several production lines are transferred on conveyor belts to the robot, which then packs them. It was a difficult task they were given, because so many things had to be considered and combined, Loui Johansen says. However, we were utterly satisfied with the way they performed the assignment, Loui Johansen says.

”Overbeck understands our needs.”

According to the technical manager at Danish Crown in Holsted, one of the important reasons why Overbeck’s solutions work so well for them is that they conduct tests in advance before the actual implementation of their solutions. This was also the case when Overbeck provided the solution for the automation of the packing line:

– Some of our own personnel attended the test conducted at Overbeck in order to evaluate which processes were working and which ones had to be adjusted. A few minor adjustments were carried out subsequently, and then the solution was ready.

However, Loui Johansen emphasizes that it is Overbeck’s extensive knowhow of the food industry’s needs that gives them a really great advantage as a supplier:

– They are very good at understanding our needs. This is their absolute strength. They have vast knowledge of our industry, what we do and what we need. In addition to this, they have good ideas as to how our challenges can be resolved.

Overbeck supplies the following to Danish Crown Holsted:

  • Machine lines
  • Conveyors
  • Service and repair