At Overbeck, we are experts in developing management concepts with high production capacity and reliability in mind for various production and process plants. We provide complete solutions from idea development to tender material for design, development, and implementation of the finished production plant and preferably with intelligent automation that "ties the factory together" and provides an optimal production flow.

Qualified advice from experienced specialists:

The key to the optimal, stable and solid operation of the production is the effective management of the automation processes, which release human resources for other important tasks, through automation of the heavy and monotonous processes that can be handled much better mechanically.

Governance we work with:

-industrial automation
-production optimization
-PLC – complete controls
-production of control panels
-industrial electric installations



Do you need advice on how to use automation more effectively? At Overbeck, our specialized staff will advise you on the solutions that best fit your production line, on the latest technologies, legal requirements and on quality differences in the various solutions for stand-alone and entire production lines.

A high level of automation increases productivity:

In collaboration with Overbeck, you get a business partner who is constantly at the forefront of the intelligent solutions of the future and offers the latest technology and products, in collaboration with Delta Electronics. The result is a high level of automation with a streamlined production process that increases productivity in your business.

Want to optimize the efficiency of your production?

Have a non-committal dialogue on how, through intelligent industrial automation, increase the competitiveness, reliability, and efficiency of your production.

Why Choose Overbeck for Automation?

- Qualified counseling and specialized staff
- Efficient automation increases competitiveness
- The right automation solution provides operational safety
- Specialized knowledge of automation
- Complete and unified solution from one supplier
- We operate locally, nationally and worldwide
- High level of service with 24/7 security