Overbeck is a permanent supplier of optimization solutions for a number of large bakeries. We've delivered to these customers customized stainless steel solutions for a number of years, such as waste bins and baking plates for industrial furnaces, along with logistics solutions, like conveyor belts and complete production lines.

As a supplier to food producers in the field of bread and cakes for many years, we've built a great knowledge of the industry. We know the requirements and needs related to aspects like the working environment, hygiene, bacteriology and efficiency for the small and smaller bakeries – but at the same time, we know that every company is different. Therefore, we always take a thorough look at the individual customer's specific requirements and we always make sure that the production plan is taken into account for the purpose of minimizing our work.

In addition to delivering component parts and logistics solutions, we are also responsible for the ongoing optimizations on existing production facilities and for taking care of the service and repair tasks, either in fixed time intervals or based on request.

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