Cargo lifter

Can be built into existing lift shafts or set up as stand alone unit. Designed with great flexibility in relation to building heights plus entrance- and exitsides.

High performance, stabile functionality, and the ideal solution for any food industry where reliability and hygiene are a necessity.


The ideal lift for slaughterhouses, the poultry industry, and the fishing industry, where speed, the heavy loads are quickly moved up or down, and where reliability and hygiene are paramount. We have built the entire foundation, frame, anchorages, columns in stainless steel, and equipped the lift with extra high load capacity, so the lift covers more needs.
The lift is equipped with the latest technology, highest safety requirements, best hygiene adapted to the requirements of the food industry.

  • Easy to clean.
  • 2,000 kg. lifting ability by default
  • level free entry
  • Servo technology and motor