Graders are suited for small, medium-sized and large-scale productions in the meat, fish, and poultry industries, which all require sorting by weight, batching, etc.

Suited for demanding production environments, where a grader solution efficiently sorts and batches products of a max. length of 600mm, a max. weight of 6kg, and batch sizes of 10-15kg, well actually up to 50kg.

The plant consists of an Overbeck weighing machine combined with a separator with slides, a chute , or a receptacle, which gently sort the product and transfer it to a batch. The weighing station continuously sums up the fish’s individual weights. The weight is used for calculating the total weight of a batch. The station sends the batch on to a take-away system or directly into a thermal box.

Construction and design
Conveyor belts can be delivered as modules or as rubber belts and are run by a strong and reliable interroll drum motor intended for use in the food industry.

User-friendly operator interface
Overbeck’s weighing machines are available with a 15” or 17” IP67 waterproof finger-touch terminal, including easy-to-use menus, which guide the user by means of questions and commands; this ensures quick, simple, and fault-free operation. The terminal quickly displays capacity, quantities, sizes, reports, etc.