Over time, Overbeck has made many different platforms from stainless steel to the food industry. We have always focused on hygienic, ergonomic platforms which are easy to clean.

Platforms can be structured in various ways – either as service platforms or staff platforms with individual  heights. The cleaning platform for cleaning of other equipment more than 1.5 m above ground which is not accessible from the floor, or work platforms for slaughter lines/de-boning, where stability and ergonomics are a must.

Staff platforms are made of high-strength stainless steel AISI 304/316, in an easy-to-operate design so the operator can easily run the platform to the intended height or position, either by activating it with his foot or hand.

The platforms are extremely easy to clean and can easily be opened for cleaning purposes.

The platforms are available as mobile solutions, hydraulic, electric or automatic units – nothing is too small or too big.

Delivery as agreed …